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Janet Resnik

Janet Resnik

I have been a self-supporting potter since 1974, specializing in affordable, functional dinner and serving pieces glazed with impressionistic landscape, animal, iris and Christmas designs.

My work is inspired by life on our farm in rural North Carolina, where I live with my family and a variety of animals including horses, donkeys, dogs, and cats. I am best known for my trees that are depicted in all seasons; my work reflects my life and environment.

I started out bringing my pots to craft fairs, but my business has now grown to the point where I sell all my work out of the studio gallery to private customers and wholesalers, and do no shipping.

My affordable stoneware is meant to be used daily, is lead-free, and also dishwasher and oven safe, if started in a cold oven. Microwave is not recommended.

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